Welcome to Simple Funnel Strategy!

In this course you'll learn how to build your first funnel.

I've tried to keep it as simple as possible and still show you how to collect your customers' name and email for future marketing.

You'll finish the course with a link to your offer...ready to promote your business.

Remember...you're only in business if you have customers coming through the door!  Your funnel is the door to your business.

To your success, always!

Deborah Shaw

About the instructor

Internet Marketing Consultant

Deborah Shaw

Hi, I'm Deborah Shaw and I have a passion for helping people get started in their online marketing journey.When I first started online it was overwhelming, to say the least.  There's so much to learn and there's one thing you can count on...there are always changes....and more to learn! It's so easy to get bogged down with the learning and never getting around to actually doing something...like build your business!After working with numerous people, I decided to create this course in hopes that new marketers would be able to see it really doesn't have to be so complicated to get started.If you'll take the time to set up a simple funnel and drive traffic to it, you'll be in business.Then you can concentrate on learning all of the many facets of internet marketing...while you're gathering leads and customers.Of course there are many ways to build sales funnels.  And of course the more you learn the better you'll be at building high converting sales funnels.But in the meantime...you'll be in business!  And who knows!  You just might make some money while you're learning the more complicated ways to market your business!To your success!Deborah Shaw

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